Broadband (hurrah!)

After 2 weeks without broadband at home I finally have it again. I moved house recently and despite the fact that all other services can move without hitch or be swapped with equivalents, and despite the fact that I’m still on the same exchange as I was before since I’ve only moved about three streets away, and despite the fact that I am keeping my same telephone number, the broadband still stopped and had to be “re applied for”. What was worse was that because the people who lived here before me were not with BT I had to get reconnected to BT and then the broadband providers said I had to wait five days after that before they could set up broadband…..

Anyhow it’s all working now. I’ve also got Trauma Centre for the Wii, partly for pleasure and partly for work as we’re looking into the educational uses of the Wii in particular and games consoles more generally as part of some of the postgraduate student research at the Open University.

 I’ve been experiencing weird things when using the Wii and I think it’s because when playing games such as tennis or boxing my brain is expecting to feel the actual event and so my muscles move to do that and then when there is no contact (bat on ball, glove on body, etc.) my mind is satisfied because I can see a result but my muscles are not because they expect a resistance which isn’t actually there. This leads to two things for me, firstly my muscles ache but in weird ways not when playing real tennis, I put that down to the action of “pulling up” once my muscles realise that there is no resistance, secondly a bit of brain ache but I think that might just be from playing too much!

 Anyhow I’m off to find out what’s on cyberspace having misse dout for a while, it was really quite strange not having it, and probably more annoying than not having T.V. since I use the internet as a live information source (much like an encyclopaedia or dictionary) as well as for fun and I use it a lot more than I realised!


About willwoods
I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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