Writing about writing!

Patrick (a colleague who is also a blog novice like myself, visit http://openpad.wordpress.com/ to see his blog) asked me for help on how to embed video into blog posts on WordPress. If you scroll down below the bit where you input the text when you’re adding a post you’ll see some other options (tabs) for Video, Slideshows etc. select Video and then cut n paste the link you want to reference into the box and click “Send to Editor”, voila!

Patrick and I were talking about our blog experiences generally since we’re both novices. I feel a little uncomfortable about it because I still feel like it’s a bit pompous of me to expect to write something and expect it to be interesting to others and also that I don’t know whether to write about work or life stuff and how to get the work/life balance right in my postings. Really I feel it’s a bit like having a diary like when you’re a kid but then expecting it to be so mind bogglingly fascinating to others that you must share it online to the world!

Patrick said something about having only so many anecdotes and when those are used up he’s going to run out of things to say, I feel a bit like that myself. My brain is full of stuff which I’ve mentally blogged (if you get my drift) and which I’m going to get down in a blog if I can but after that I’m wondering whether I’ll have anything more to say?


About willwoods
I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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