Blogging Stigma…

I’ve been having a break from blogging to try and access what I’m getting from it and also because I’ve frankly been too lazy to blog! Also Nikki came in whilst I was posting the previous blog post and said “Oh you’re not one of those are you, who on earth would want to read what you have to say!” (or something similar, she might not have been quite that scathing but it was along those lines). I felt that my nerdiness had reached a new low.

 Facebook and Myspace and other social networking sites are treated with more kudos and online fora are also treated as more acceptable, possibly because they are not so blatently egocentric.

Patrick and I discussed this briefly as I suggested that people who blog about other things (here’s a good article, links to useful resources etc.) don’t seem to be seen as so egotistical, Patrick felt the opposite that actually people who do that seem to be more egotistical and self important because they want to be recognised as an authority in some way and have enough sway to push others to their particular set of things. In the end evertything does come down to our own subjective viewpoint. Whether we like it or not we are part of the “I” culture so we might as well join in.

About willwoods
I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

2 Responses to Blogging Stigma…

  1. Martin says:

    while there is an element of ego in blogging there is also a host of other reasons why it’s good professionally. For me I would say the key is that by keeping blog I feel compelled to keep up with what is happening and with other blogs. If I didn’t keep one then I probably wouldn’t read as many or try out new technologies, or make connections between things.
    Also, get yourself on Twitter!

  2. willwoods says:

    I totally agree Martin and having been part of your experiment this week into having a ‘blog debate’ I really see the advantage. It FORCED me into researching the subjectr and reading your stuff in much more detail than I’d have otherwise done (not that I don’t read it but I usually skim these sorts of things and don’t think through the issues properly.) I’m not sure if my part is useful to others but it was useful for me.

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