Aliens, Wifi and nasties…

Three odd things happened in the past few days (well probably more but three that I’m aware of) – Firstly a report I read in the Independent from a senior medical advisor to the UK government saying that wifi could be as dangerous to people as asbestos. This has sparked a huge debate with many people saying that there’s no proof of any issues. In May the BBC reported that scientists had concluded there were no health risks.

Secondly there is a report out this week proving that there are no short term health issues associated with the use of mobile phones for adults however there may be a risk over a long term (the report didn’t cover children who may be at higher risk)

 Thirdly a meteorite fell in Peru and caused a mystery illness,,2171920,00.html

Where does this leave me? – I don’t know what’s killing me. Last year I was told banana’s (one of my favourite foods) cause cancer. I think that almost everything is carcinogenic and that perhaps scientists should spend a lot more time researching things, but more importantly the media shouldn’t pounce on one persons opinion or unpublished papers and tout them as proof. It’s highly irresponsible.

I’m off to my bunker now to escape from all these rays!

About willwoods
I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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