Halloween and Christmas

The annual fuss about shops putting out their Christmas fair has come about again so winter must be here. I don’t have a problem with it as I think that although it’s not near “Christmas time” yet it is nice to see bright sparkly things when it’s dull and overcast.

My main problem is that we seem to be getting ever more polluted by this ‘trick or treat’ rubbish and by kids lighting fireworks from 1st October through to January. In Northern Ireland where I grew up fireworks were banned (for a very good reason which is probably obvious to most) apart from at official functions where people had to be registered to use them. This may all seem a bit humbug but it was a good system that worked and we enjoyed sparklers, indoor fireworks and stuff that wasn’t so likely to set the cat on fire.

The shops are packed full fo Halloween stuff. I like the costumes and the kids having parties together and dunking for apples and playing games but I’m not keen on them going around trick or treating, apart from the dangers associated with kids walking the streets unaccompanied at night there is also the poor people who pretend not to be at home and/or who don’t have anything to give and get ‘egged’ or worse. It happended to a neighbour of mine at a previous house and they got their house pelted with nasty stuff. I’m not certain that it sends a good message to kids. i.e. you can get what you want through threats you don’t need to do anything to earn it other than turn up with a sheet over your head and a box of eggs.


About willwoods
I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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