All work and no play…

…make me a poor blogger. I’m writing this on an Asus Eee and like others who have tried it I just love it. I also tried the iPOD touch this week and I enjoyed that too. the iTouch is a great interface for web browsing on a limited screen. The way you can zoom and move around complex sites without having to look at the ‘mobile’ version is fantastic.

Having said all this I wouldn’t buy one. The interesting thing here is that the iTouch and Eee are around about the same price. I wouldn’t buy an iTouch because I already have an iPOD nano for running and the iTouch is too bulky, secondly the web browsing is great but like all small devices the input method (although better than many) is still not good enough to do any serious input work. I do love the simplicity of use and the browsing aspects (super simple Wifi connectivity). It’s just not something I do enough to warrant it. If I need to browse the web I go to the office or home, or use a laptop or if none of those then use the N95 (rarely).

Why I love the Eee more? – Because it’s Linux and it’s cute and small but the input (keyboard) is good and the IO functionality is there. It’s a nice screen and it is portable enough to make it a no brainer for sticking in a bag or carrying under the arm. It’s very cheap and it boots up in 15 seconds which is fantastic. I’ve only started using it tonight but so far I’m impressed. I think it neatly bridges the gap between mobility and usability. iTouch is great but in the long run I think Eee will be the device that can really create a paradigm shift in bringing computing to the masses and in providing something which can help in bridging the technology divide.


About willwoods
I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

One Response to All work and no play…

  1. Grainne says:

    Excellent another convert!!! 🙂

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