Christmas toys..

I was talking with a colleague about Christmas toys. In particular electronic ones such as Tamagotchi, Robosapien and Ferby. Each year the kids ask for such novel items and Santa duly delivers them on Christmas day. The kids go wild and for the next 48 hours there are squeaks and trills from all over the place (and the toys are noisy too!). Then there comes a period where the kids lose interest in their little electronic pets and poor old mum and dad end up feeding Ferby’s, clearing out Tanagotchi poo and doing all kinds of other tasks to keep the darn things quiet. I said to my colleague that I hate to hear them dying and so I keep feeding them to try and keep them alive. This last several weeks and then Both Nikki and I get annoyed with them and tell the kids to take them away and look after them. They then end up down the side of their beds for the following eleven months.

I had great fun a couple of Christmases ago when we got a Ferby for Chloe. We had got one for Bethany the year before and I had much fun trying to get them to communicate with each other. Yes I am one of those dads who loves playing with their kids toys!


About willwoods
I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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