Do u-Switch?

I’m off work ill today (just a cold but it’s a bad ‘un) and not feeling up to much but rather than monging around the house watch daytime T.V. (spare me, it’s government tactic to get us all back in work quicker!). I decided to use today to browse comparisons of suppliers of ‘stuff’.

I never normally have time to do this so I went to u-switch first and I’ve now switched energy suppliers and saved myself £345 per year apparently. I also checked out my car insurance and house insurance but they’re still about the cheapest around. I like the fact that it’s so simple to switch with u-switch. I have used price comparison sites before and the last time was for getting a savings account and the hassle was minimal. I also chose critical illness cover through an online comparison site and I chose the ‘one above the cheapest’ because I could do all the paperwork online (if that makes sense). What does this all mean? – Well not much to the rest of you but to me it’s one pound per day or the price of a nice hot latte. I think I deserve it.

N.B. A colleague and I were discussing how blog posting is selective, i.e. you don’t tend to write blog posts about how you spent Saturday plumbing the downstairs toilet in or going to Tesco’s to do a shop? – Why not? – Because that’s too routine. You may twitter about it or use your Facebook updater to let people know but even these seem to have some exclusivity, you wouldn’t say for example tell people about your toilet actions? – would you?


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I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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