Policing the internet..

This is a topic we covered as part of the “Future of Web Content” discussion and I wondered how long it would be before things in the real world started to catch up. Not long since we’ve now got proposals for policing the internet specifically to find and remove people who may be illegally downloading music. There an article about it on the BBC News website.

Three things that interest me about the proposal

1. ISP’s says it will be impossible to realise. I think that’s in line with what I was suggesting in my piece on FOWC.

2. The method of removal of service is interesting because it’s also a method I was proposing for dealing with virus spreaders, except mine was more subtle but the idea of cutting them off gradually from the web. The problem is as pointed out today on the BBC that it’s indescriminate because if you cut off based on an IP address you cut off a whole family (or internet cafe station or library terminal etc.) it’s not targetting the individual necessarily.

3. The internet is jammed full of kiddie porn and suicide websites and freakishly mad and deviant stuff and it’s interesting the the first attempt in this country to police it ‘en masse’ is caused by the fact that fat cats are worried about losing their royalties from record sales and it’s driven by commerce not by any kind of moral, social or conscience driven imperitive. I think this is quite shameful personally, I’m not against protecting copyright but I think there are other methods of protecting copyright and there are other things to police.

4. The people that do it will find a way around it within a few weeks so it’s pointless.

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I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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