The £100 laptop – the “one” for education…

I’ve been reading with interest the stuff about the Elonex one . It’s being targetted as the one for education. I however am not so convinced but I’m hoping to get my hands on one to try out shortly.

 The reason I’m not convinced is that it’s a lower spec than the Asus Eee (300Mhz compared to 900Mhz) 128Mb RAM compared with 512 Mb RAM, 1GB memory compared with 4GB memory. I feel that it may be a compromise too far. I love the Asus Eee and you can pick one up for betwene £160-£200 (if you can get one!… since the battery factory burnt down supply has been slow!)

I was discussing with colleagues the new version of the Eee which is claimed to have touch screen and possibly GPS as well. We were discussing the merits versus potential disadvantages of this, for example the screen is now 9″ rather than 7″ and size does matter with these things but smaller perhaps being more desirable than larger in this case!

Anyhow I think that the Eee and one and other such devices are set to bring mobile computing to a much larger audience. Anyone who saw the Gadget show last night where they compared the Eee to a Macbook Air and Sony Vaio will have been plesently surprised that Tony Hawks sacrificed some of the more funky features of the big laptops to have the portability of the Eee and he rated it top (although Gadget show rated the Vaio top even though it takes 3.5 minutes to boot up!).

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I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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