Mans work…

I’ve been enjoying a week off work this week, the weather has been lovely and I’ve been out in the garden cutting down trees, rolling my sleeves up and getting on with lots of jobs that need doing. It’s very refreshing and I’ve even managed to keep away from technology for a while.

I did however sneak a look at the new Google Earth offering (as it’s not anything to do with work as such). This one could very well blow my mind. My father-in-law loves google earth and was zooming in on my new house before we’ve even moved in and was telling me all about the size of my plot compared to my neighbours (it’s a bit larger) and how the road goes down to the local church etc. He is almost obsessed by it and spends most days google ‘unearthing’ (tm?) facts about places we’ve been to on holiday or places we may possible go in the future…

That leads me back to the new bit of Google Earth which is that you can now do a search of the sky and you’ll get some very precise charts showing you how the sky looks from your location. You can do other fab things like searching for different start systems or constellations and you can zoom and even track the movement of different planets through a time period to see where they’re going to be. It’s a fantastic looking tools. I’ve only just downloaded it and I’m looking forward to playing with it. I’m not much of a star gazer myself but Jordan really loves the stars and we’ve just bought him a telescope so this will be the perfect tool to accompany that.

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I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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