Ranking Web Innovations

I found this site on my travels recently, the Web 2.0 Innovations site where they have some super secret ranking algorithm to work out which are the most sexy web developments around (my words not theirs!).

They have Wikipedia right at the top but when I scroll down I find that only the first eight sites are ranked, the rest are ‘rank pending’. Well that’s no good is it. Here is my ranking…

1. WordPress

2. Twitter (yes I am becoming mildly addicted to it now)

3. Google analytics (I find the results fascinating, e.g. I’m the eighth most popular profile in the department according to the analytics on our site. When I think of all the lofty academics here I find this very pleasing!).

4. YouTube

5. Facebook (I like it but don’t visit too often for fear of addiction)

6. Digg

7. Google Desktop (and associated tools).

8. Technorati

9. Flickr

10. Google mail

Now a list of ones that I liked in the past but have gone off…

1. SecondLife  – I like it but it’s too time consuming and the virtual meeting stuff is replaced by Pidgin/Jabber and Twitter etc.

2. LinkedIn – I’ve had this for ages and I’m linked  to loads of people but what’s the point eh!

3. Plaxo – similar to 2.

4. MySpace – I’ve replaced this by Facebook, I actually got ribbed by colleagues for having MySpace account, they said I needed to grow up. According to the Independent 20-30 somethings are into Facebook, then 30-40 somethings are into MySpace then 40+ people are into Friends Reunited. Not sure where they got those ‘facts’ from but I found this comscore site with some fascinating stuff about ages ranges of these tools.

5. Friends Reunited and Genes reunited (nothing to do with the above) – I’ve not had much time to delve into these and they’re a spare-spare time thing for me, also as I don’t tend to want to meet with people from school I’d rather avoid them (If you knew my school you’d understand why).

So those are my lists, not comprehensive but then neither am I.

N.B. Speaking of Stats (or damn lies) – The top post on my WordPress Blog by a long way is my post on “Silent Vacuum Cleaner” and do you know that Samsung have now built a so called Silent Vacuum Cleaner – Silencio.

About willwoods
I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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