Web 3.0 – I don’t think so.

I’ve been reading several articles recently about the semantic web including one in last week’s Computing magazine. The article cited Tim Burners-Lee as espousing the benefits of the semantic web for the past decade and now it seems some progress is being made, albeit in small areas.

The latest to roll off the shelf is Powersets semantic search service. It searches wikipedia only at the moment but is set to go further soon. Importantly it searches via conversational techniques and is supposed to provide a more intuitive experience. So this is the future of the web, already being tagged web 3.0.

I was rather hoping that web 3.0 would be a little more than a sensemaking tool, not that it’s not useful but I imagined web 3.0 to include neural interfacing and total immersion, webTV and augmented reality. Speaking of which I saw the bionic eye technology (actually a bionic contact lens) being developed in Seattle by UoW. They showed a working demo of the technology in action on a recent episode of click.

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I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

4 Responses to Web 3.0 – I don’t think so.

  1. eksith says:

    It’s kinda hard to have a web 3.0 when there really wasn’t such a thing as 2.0.

    Considering how big the web really is, a handful of popular sites using the “Georgia” font or excesively pumping JavaScript, AJAX and Flash, isn’t really enough to create a whole new version of the web. It’s cool and all, but that’s just it.

    Before Digg, there was Slashdot and Fark.
    Before TMZ, there was Salon.

    We’re using WordPress to put out our ideas in the “Blogosphere”, but we’re doing the same thing that people did during the 90’s on personal web pages. Except today, it’s on a hosted service. And maybe a lot more frequently, now that internet access is cheaper and faster. But people haven’t stopped putting up personal pages.
    People think sites like Blogger were one of the cornerstones for web 2.0. In fact, Something Awful has done that since 99′

    We’re using sites like YouTube to publish videos as “VLogs”, but people did that before too on sites like Newgrounds and eBaum’s. Maybe not under the same community spirit, but it’s been done before.

    You can’t have “versions” on collective.
    It’s not possible, since every individual is on a different level of technology all on the same platform. Change the platform entirely and the means to interact with it, then you’ll have the next version of the web.

    I think you will see that web 2.0 after all, if bionic eye technology becomes cheap and safe 😉

  2. willwoods says:

    Hi Eksith,
    Re: versions of the web, yes I agree but for a different reason, the web is an emerging thing, organic and not ‘designed’ in the purest sense, therefore the idea of versions seems meaningless. Web 2.0 does refer to a particular set of technology solutions as I understand it. The term referring to the methods of sharing and servicing requests, SOAP and WSDL and so forth.

    I’m not sure that WordPress does equate to personal pages, it’s an enhancement of that idea but it’s more than that too. WordPress allows people to spawn ideas off each others blogs in a more dynamic way than they did with personal pages. It also provides a way of collecting things together in ways meaningful to the owner and to the readers of information. Personal pages to me were rather static entities and had to be manually crafted.

    Hmm, I’m not sure that I want to wear a bionic contact lens actually but perhaps they’ll simply bio-engineer people to have augmented eyes i.e. human 2.0!

  3. darkflame says:

    Web2.0 is the phlopshy for automated user content submission and intergration, imo.
    Newgrounds has been one of the earliest and imo,best Web2.0 sites.
    Better then YouTube in terms of finding the gems in the rubbish anyway 😉

    Theres no harsh lines, but rather a smooth spectrum, but that dosnt make the “colours” of progress meaningless catagorys.

    Imho, Web3.0 is putting it in the real world…augmented reality. Full on DennoCoil glass’s based.

    Semantics, on the other hand, would be better used elsewhere. A knowledge web.

  4. slattern23 says:

    Unfortunately Web 2.0, (which technically doesn’t even exist yet) sounds more and more like a gimmick to allow advertisers to target potential consumers more effectively. “Social networking” is just a smokescreen to get people coralled into pens where their personal information and interactions can be keyword-scanned in order to shove merchandise and services in their faces. As for web 3.0, that’s not really going to happen without high speed fiber optic cable everywhere. And I’M not paying for that in either the form of service fees or taxes, thank you very much.

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