Plurk and Twitter

I’m plurking a bit now (is that the correct adjective?) and Twittering (or tweeting?) a bit more but my twitter use is sporadic. I’m finding that I need reason to do both and I found that reason most recently when I went over to Ireland. The wait in the airport was a great opportunity to network and I really enjoyed the ‘conversation’. I have to say that I don’t use them much at work except to track other peoples movements. It is also possible that I’m not getting the most from Twitter because I’m spending a lot of time in meetings which are not twitterable (too boring or confidential) and also not the type that I can lose concentration on (lest I get roped into doing something).

I also find I twitter about stuff like strangling my cat (not literally but metaphorically although I had to scrape up mice innards and cat sick from the patio this morning so I wasn’t far off the literal!) and I sometimes feel like being in a pub and suddenly finding my boss has turned up and is listening in to my rant. People express the same view about the new open plan building that we’re moving in to. They say that they forget they’re in open space and someone calls up about something like booking a holiday and they go into intimate detail forgetting that they’re being overheard by half the department.

I will try harder though as I think I’ve nearly reached the point where I could get addicted to twitter given the right set of circumstances. In my case being stranded somewhere without a book to read.



About willwoods
I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

2 Responses to Plurk and Twitter

  1. jtfmulder says:

    You should check out
    It will allow you to type one message and send it to several microblogging services at once including Twitter and Plurk

  2. willwoods says:

    Thanks, I’ll take a look.

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