Picking Pears in LilyPad

Happy St Paddys Day!

Last week I managed to go through the gateway and enter LilyPad and stole some pears which I’ve brought back to Dog Town and planted to become pear tress, they sell for 500 bells each which is five times what my native peaches sell for.

Animal Crossing Gang

Animal Crossing Gang

What gibberish you say! – I’ve managed to get online and share stuff with a colleague (James) and his family through Wii speakand Animal Crossing. It was really the kids that did the stealing of fruit from the other village though so I can’t take the credit and it’s probably setting some kind of poor example but it was all done with the villagers permission and they did show us around the village and we met some odd characters. Great fun. The synchronisation is not perfect and sometimes the ‘host’ characters would appear to vanish then reappear, because they were moving much faster than the connection could cope with, but generally it was good enough to make a usable part of the game. The audio was fine quality but with about a 2 second delay I would guess (Two second going out and back so probably about a second end to end). In any case fairly good for audio conferencing given the amount of bandwidth the gaming aspect was taking up.

What else did I do this past week. Well I’ve got an HTC S740 smartphone which I’m trailling. It’s going to be configured to work with the R2 service ( from microsoft technet) – It allows the phone to pick up wifi networks inside campus buildings and auto route my internal phone extension to my mobile. I’m excited to try this out.

I’ve been asked to help develop a course using Nintendo DS. I’m considering developing a research proposal around this as I’ve got people from Computing department who want to develop apps for their students. I think that the DS is probably the most overtly learning focused console in the types of games it provides so it’s a natural choice and the the homebrew development environment is relative easy to pick up by the looks of it.

Question is does my team explore gaming tech or mobile tech as we’ve also been asked to produce some iPhone Apps. Patrick McAndrew and I have thought of some development ideas around good open viral apps for the platform (more on that soon).

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I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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