Truely Immersive Gaming

We recently purchased Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Stereoscopic Glasses to try them out for gaming to see if they offer a more truly immersive experience. They do, they are mind blowingly good!

I had almost given up hope because I’ve tried out the 3D glasses from two other providers (mentioning no names but I was expecting a lot and was hugely disappointed) and a set of gaming vests and found these to be annoying and actually get in the way of the gaming experience rather than promoting a more immersive experience.

Back to the Nvidia glasses. I can’t say enough about them. Here they are below (look quite cool and they are not not heavy or awkward to wear).


We used them with the 120Hz Samsung display and I tried out two games, the latest versions of Call of Duty and Burnout. Both were staggeringly good. The moment I went into CoD I felt like I was walking through the grass, seeing my team move past me and seeing people running at or away from me. I felt like I was moving in team formation. I was ducking to avoid obstacles and wincing as the bullets ripped past me. I’m not a first person shoot-em-up gamer but I thought that this experience could turn me into one it was completely mesmerizing and I had to wrench myself out.

I then tried out Burnout. Again fantastically realistic driving experience. In particular when going under low footbridges I (and others who tried it) couldn’t help ducking! – It’s great, the experience is enhanced for playing too because you get a more accurate measure of speed and distance of oncoming traffic through it which allows better reaction (at least we thought so). The downside for me if there was one was that after 45 minutes on it my brain felt a bit groggy and my eyes a bit tired, this may just be an acclimitization thing because I experienced much the same thing when I first played Super Mario Galaxy because I couldn’t get used to the ‘upside down’ worlds playing experience. I got over that after a couple of sessions though and I think it’s the same with this technology.

In conclusion this represents a huge leap forward in providing a more immersive and realistic experience for gamers. It’s relatively low cost now at £300 and likely to come down in price. I’ve have heard that Sony are going to put this technology (or similar) into the new Bravia’s and I’m just finally pleased to have tried a piece of gaming technology that lives up to the hype.

See you in VR land…

About willwoods
I'm Head of Learning and Teaching Technologies in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.

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