Microsoft’s web vision…

I read an article today on the BBC website about Microsoft’s web vision. I can’t tell if this press release is smoke and mirrors or if there’s more to it.

I can say that Microsoft appear to be playing catchup in the cloud computing arena and the new Live services are a relatively comprehensive set of tools available in the ‘cloudsphere’. I do see a change in focus for Microsoft and it’s long overdue in my opinion. I’ve already blogged about Grava and it’s potential for adoption in the educational community (assuming it gets taken further as it’s still relatively basic). The thing about this press release and I have seen it with other companies including Google is that they release a ‘vision statement’ plus some apps that are similar to ones their rivals produce, so tell me where is the unique ‘killer app’ amongst them? – How open are they to ‘intermeshing’ with non-MS tools? – Is it up to me (or more likely Tony Hirst) to produce the killer mesh? – only time will tell.