Old but Gold

I’ve recently plugged back in all my old games consoles from N64, Gamecube and SNES. I’ve revisited many of the old games again and fallen back in love with them.

They have genuinely great gameplay that leaves most new console games offering standing. It’s not just me that thinks this my kids who have never played things like Super Mario All Stars or the original Donkey Kong Country game or Diddy Kong Racing or the original Zelda games have been pestering me to play them and have started saying things like “the Wii is boring” when I suggest they play Wii games instead. I know that you can get some of the old games on the new platforms but the gameplay seems to be better int he original. Possibly because the lack of resource and interface actually forced developers to think creatively. Hmmm.. discuss.

Another Wiinner (Super Mario Kart)

Yesterday I went out and got the new Super Mario Kart for the Wii. I think it’s superb. A great sequal to previous versions of the game. I loved the original and this shares the same sort of gamplay and excitement with a multitude of events, traps, competition and kart customisation.

I think Nintendo have made great use of the controller again by incorporating it into a mini steering wheel. I thought it looked a bit naff when I first got it out of the box but once you start playing on it the controls seem very natural and intuititve and you find yourself ‘leaning’ into the bends and doing all the actions that probably seem comical to others but make it an absorbing gaming experience. I’ve only just started to play this and I’m still on the ‘mushroom cup’ but I’m looking forward to playing it more and also getting a second steering wheel to compete with the rest of the family in multiplayer mode. It’s great fun and has all the characteristics of the original but updated and with an innovative new interface.